Seven Moments

I’ve been so busy that I’ve barely had time to post. Here’s seven things currently making me happy.

  1. The Walking Dead. No, i’m not happy about the show itself (I am quite the opposite), but I finally have a tv show to get emotional about again. And it makes sunday nights less dreadful.
  2. Seeing one of my best friends this weekend. A more detailed post about where we went is coming soon, but it felt so good to see Hannah after two months of hanging out with my cats.
  3. Shadow of a Gunman. At this point, we’re less than three weeks away from opening night and it seems unreal (mostly because we haven’t actually rehearsed on stage yet… or stopped using scripts). It’s almost time to see the set and our costumes (which we are renting!). I love every moment of the process and the last few weeks are some of the craziest and most exciting. Not to mention, you start to spend every minute with your cast and get super close.
  4. Pomegranates. They’re finally in season again, which means I can forget about the existence of all other foods.
  5. Midterms. (Or lack thereof.) RCC doesn’t believe in midterms, most likely because they understand to some extent that midterms induce crying. So not only do I have no gigantic tests in any of my classes, no tests at allin four out of six, but I also had no lab last week. No lab report due this week. I have been sleeping in, watching tv, and best of all, not doing homework.
  6. Rock climbing. I’ve been trying to go to the gym every friday, but rehearsal has been making it difficult to go at night (the time our cousins go). However, an empty gym gives me almost free reign of the walls. I can focus on any wall or portion of the bouldering for a while and take breaks without worrying about my spot being taken. Because of this, i’ve improved in bouldering (climbing without a rope) and dedicated more time to challenging walls.
  7. The nice temps. The high temperatures haven’t dropped below fifty yet, and most days they’re around sixty. The sun makes layering bearable, and I hope we can hold onto this weather for as long as possible before winter hits.

Seven Moments

As we head full-force into October, i’m forced to change into long sleeves and ditch the flip flops for good. I’m working on my layering game and thinking up a few soup recipes. Here’s a few things that kept me sane this week while I coped with 60 degree temps.

  1. Seeing the cast list. I made the show at school and i’m so happy to be back in a production. Total, there’s eleven of us and we have a month and a half to pull this off. The directors have told us they’re going to create a study guide on the history of Ireland for us and help us with dialect and brogues. I don’t know if anyone else is excited about a study guide for a play, but i’m just so in awe of how official and cool and “next level” this show already is.
  2. Keeping some of summer alive while I throw on a sweater. 
  3. Going to Improv Club. Most people in the cast are also in this club. I have yet to participate while I get a feel for the people and the atmosphere, but everyone is super funny and creative. The other day we played a game called “Emotional Rollercoaster” where the audience dictates the emotions of two people playing out a scenario. I wish i’d played, but watching was just as fun.
  4. Coming across this birthday card. 
  5. My first club meeting. My cooking club started up this week and we made smoothies with hemp seeds, protein powder, and chia seeds. Apparently, the mass email I sent out didn’t deliver and we only had three people. This week i’m going to send out an email to individuals and hopefully the smell of pizza will draw others in too.
  6. Reuniting with a friend. It’s only been a month since I last saw Hannah, but i’ve missed her nonetheless. We went out to lunch, then to three different shopping malls for absolutely no reason. At night we went rock climbing and I put two walls (that probably aren’t even hard) on my list to accomplish. And no, we don’t quite know what these are supposed to be either.
  7. Harvesting the cutest carrots and beets from our garden!IMG_8040

Seven Moments

One mantra of mine is to do one thing every day that makes me happy. I’ve been on and off with this attitude for years, but this past year made me realize that I need to focus on myself a bit more. I’m super busy, and sometimes my happy moments are the half hour workouts I can get in. Or maybe they’re getting to bed before 12. However small, however seemingly insignificant, these little moments of happiness belong to me. They’re the one thing I do for myself.

These are my seven moments from the past week.

  1. Seeing Les Misérables on Broadway. This was my 18th birthday present, and it was electrifying. The music and the harmonies were unbelievable and the set was outstanding. From the opening to “One Day More” to the barricade to the finale, every minute was amazing. They forgot nothing and i’m surprised I didn’t cry. (This show is on my list of tear-jerkers).
  2. IMG_1570 Making it through doubles week. Every 3rd week, I do two workouts instead of one. Easy peasy, usually. This week I was sick to the point where I couldn’t breathe (thanks s’much, sinuses), I have a blister on my heel the size of my eye, and I burned my left palm, making it hard to hold weights. Nevertheless, I made it through.
  3. Touching my toes. Probably the dumbest thing to celebrate, but I don’t care. I’ve never been able to touch them before and after stretching almost every day since April, I have accomplished the ability to touch them at any angle.
  4. Activating my club. After a month of finding advisors, working with a budget, planning meetings, and recruiting members, I finally was able to activate my nutrition-based cooking club at school. 
  5. Getting the email about the drama at school. I’ve been uninvolved in theatre for nearly five months, and that is five months too many. It’s going to feel really good to stretch my legs a bit and get back on the stage. Plus, the show is about the IRA, and I had to imitate an Irish brogue for a class my junior year, so i’ve got this in the bag (My brogue is actually tragic, so this should be fun).
  6. Starting a tutoring job. Every year for the past three years, i’ve tutored about 4-5 kids for the school year. Some for volunteering, some for money. It’s always kept me busy and helped me learn to communicate with people in different ways. I love the look on a kid’s face when he finally just gets it, especially in math. I only have one this year so far, but that’s enough for now.
  7. Double fisting Doctor Who. I was supposed to watch the season premiere last week, but decided last minute to see The Scorch Trials with my dad (which is like, twelve moments of happiness in itself). So last night, my parents and I made dinner and sat in front of the TV for two hours to watch last week’s and this week’s episodes. It seems like Clara’s going to have a much bigger role for her finale season, and I want to know what Missy’s story is before she goes and kills someone else.