Seven Moments

As we head full-force into October, i’m forced to change into long sleeves and ditch the flip flops for good. I’m working on my layering game and thinking up a few soup recipes. Here’s a few things that kept me sane this week while I coped with 60 degree temps.

  1. Seeing the cast list. I made the show at school and i’m so happy to be back in a production. Total, there’s eleven of us and we have a month and a half to pull this off. The directors have told us they’re going to create a study guide on the history of Ireland for us and help us with dialect and brogues. I don’t know if anyone else is excited about a study guide for a play, but i’m just so in awe of how official and cool and “next level” this show already is.
  2. Keeping some of summer alive while I throw on a sweater. 
  3. Going to Improv Club. Most people in the cast are also in this club. I have yet to participate while I get a feel for the people and the atmosphere, but everyone is super funny and creative. The other day we played a game called “Emotional Rollercoaster” where the audience dictates the emotions of two people playing out a scenario. I wish i’d played, but watching was just as fun.
  4. Coming across this birthday card. 
  5. My first club meeting. My cooking club started up this week and we made smoothies with hemp seeds, protein powder, and chia seeds. Apparently, the mass email I sent out didn’t deliver and we only had three people. This week i’m going to send out an email to individuals and hopefully the smell of pizza will draw others in too.
  6. Reuniting with a friend. It’s only been a month since I last saw Hannah, but i’ve missed her nonetheless. We went out to lunch, then to three different shopping malls for absolutely no reason. At night we went rock climbing and I put two walls (that probably aren’t even hard) on my list to accomplish. And no, we don’t quite know what these are supposed to be either.
  7. Harvesting the cutest carrots and beets from our garden!IMG_8040

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