Seven Moments

I did a lot of things this week that made me pretty happy. Like going to bed early and then sleeping in. Here’s seven moments from this past week:

  1. Getting a haircut. My hair has gotten way too long and the ends split easily. I chopped off about four inches, got some layers, and “texturized” the ends. It feels so much lighter and healthier.  
  2. Returning to voice lessons. After three months of a break, I finally called my voice teacher. I love working on songs and technique with her every week and now that i’m not singing every day at school, I need a way to practice.
  3. Auditioning for the drama. I’m not at, like, The Boston Conservatory. But it is a show and I have caught wind that the shows at RCC are pretty good. I auditioned for The Shadow of a Gunman and the cast list comes out tomorrow. Hopefully i’ll get in and can get back into the swing of doing what I love.
  4. Studying the cell. This is about as nerdy as I can get, but during my lab this week, we studied our cheek cells and some elodea cells. I’ve done this lab before, but it felt good to work the microscope again and test my knowledge (like what a cell wall looks like… not too hard). We also compared indicators for lipids and DNA and what happens when you dissolve either. Biology is my favorite science for a reason. 
  5. Buying new sneakers. They’re New Balance. I am a 45 year old woman that needs ankle support. 
  6. Getting belay certified and going rock climbing. My sister and I have gone rock climbing a few times at our old camp and once with my cousin and his fiancée. Friday night, we got belay certified so now we both know how to work the ropes and don’t need them with us to climb (but sometimes we need their chalk).  
  7. Seeing The Martian. I am game for a sci-fi movie any time, any day. My dad read the book and absolutely loved it. On Saturday, he, my mom, and I ventured out into the raw, windy wilderness to see this movie and it was so good. I was curled into my seat because I thought he was going to die about forty-two times (Spoiler alert: Mars is a little difficult to inhabit). Afterwards, we got takeout from one of our favorite restaurants and watched Doctor Who together.

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